Top Tips for a successful property viewing

Conducting effective property viewings darlington e1501578905968 - Top Tips for a successful property viewing

Top Tips for a successful property viewing

Conducting effective property viewings darlington 1024x576 - Top Tips for a successful property viewing

We were in a rather odd situation last week. As many of you know, we normally do viewings on behalf of our clients. However, one of our buyers was struggling with their own house sale and asked what we thought was the best way to approach viewings.

After a rather lengthy email and telephone conversation, we put together a list of top tips for a successful viewing which I thought I’d share.

First the basics.

Before the viewing, make sure that you know a little about your viewer. Your agent should have pre-qualified them so should have this info.

Understanding their position may help you position your ‘pitch’.

So, try to discover:

  • Where they are moving from
  • Their search criteria
  • What they have already seen
  • What they like about this particular property and why they wanted to view it
  • Their buying position
  • Who will be present on the viewing
  • Who the property is for

Your property

Turn on all the lights. (Yes, all the lights). It eliminates shadows and the buyers will be totally unaware. Make sure beds are made and fresh bedding if possible.  Get rid of the pets into the garden and air the house. You don’t need to be as clichéd as fresh coffee and freshly baked bread but the house must smell nice. A little mood music is also good for creating a relaxed atmosphere.


It almost goes without saying but make sure that you guys are smart and presentable as you’re on show as well as the property. Buyers will be making loads of judgements about you and the house so I never leave this point to chance.

Remember as well that men and women view properties entirely differently. Guys tend to be aspirational. They look for extra space, double garage, loft extensions etc. They also love gadgets so electric garage doors, electric swimming pool covers, SONOS in every room, smart rooms and so on.  Try and get engagement and buy-in by letting them have a go.

The ladies (and remember it’s the ladies that make most of the decisions) are interested in the above but to a lesser extent. They are far more experiential – they want to get the ‘feel’ of the house and imagine themselves living there. I try to say ‘and this would be your kitchen, and this would be your master bedroom.. .’ rather than ‘and this is the kitchen and this is the bedroom’.

Ok, our top tips.

Start downstairs in the best room. If you start in the hall, it had better be the best hall in the world.  There’s research to show that people make their minds up in the first 14 seconds hence why you start with the best.

Take the lead but don’t talk too much. Best to describe how the rooms have worked for you or what you love about the room rather than telling them what it is. When I train staff, I say that it’s like the difference between describing a plate of chips…and what the chips taste like.  Describe the sizzle, not the sausage as my first manager used to say. Don’t talk about why you’re moving and what you’d still like to do to the house. Stay as positive and upbeat as you can.

View the garden BEFORE your go upstairs. Too often people finish the viewing in the garden which is a mistake…

Show upstairs bedrooms in reverse order starting with the smallest and work your way up to the master.

Finish back downstairs where you started in the best room. Ask your buyers whether they want to have a look round by themselves as they can chat it through and speak privately.  It speaks volumes if the buyer says ‘no thanks’ and makes for the door!

After the viewing, make sure that the agent is going to follow it up and get feedback.

Finally, just stay calm and relaxed and don’t make the buyers feel rushed.

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