Darlington Schools Drive Demand And Prices

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Darlington Schools Drive Demand And Prices

While the link between good schools and house prices has always been known, it is good to have this correlation confirmed by research. At Anthony Jones Properties, we see the role Darlington schools play in driving demand for homes in the area, and on local property prices.

In 2019, PwC released data that confirmed many people’s beliefs about housing prices. Properties in the catchment area of the leading 10% of primary schools were more expensive by around £27,000 than homes on the broader postcode area. For houses close to the leading 10% of secondary schools, the additional cost was £25,000.

Studies mark out the relationship between good and bad schools with house prices

For homes closer to the bottom 10% of secondary schools in England, prices were 5% lower. This equates to being around £9,000 cheaper. When these houses are also in the catchment area of the lower performing primary schools, house prices were 7% lower, resulting in them being around £14,000 more affordable.

Jamie Durham is an economist at PwC and was the lead author of the research, and he said; “Although access to the top-performing primary schools has slightly improved, the relationship between house prices and secondary school performance has remained largely consistent. High house prices around good schools have the potential to lock out poorer families from the best performing schools and, while the amount varies across England, it remains a significant obstacle to social mobility across regions.”

Jamie Durham continued by saying; “Concerningly, this can also be compounded over time – children from wealthier families who can afford more expensive homes may do better in school as they can afford additional support, contributing to higher attainment in these schools, and reinforcing the house price premium.”

The following primary schools in Darlington have all been classed as “Good” by Ofsted:

  • Bishopton Redmarshall CE Primary School
  • Firthmoor Primary School
  • Gurney Pease Academy
  • Heathfield Primary School
  • Heighington CE Primary School
  • Holy Family RC Primary School
  • Hurworth Primary School
  • Northwood Primary School
  • Red Hall Primary School
  • Reid Street Primary School
  • The Rydal Academy
  • St Bede’s RC Primary School
  • West Park Academy
  • Whinfield Primary School

Secondary schools in Darlington

When it comes to secondary schools in Darlington, you have a number of options to consider. While some of the schools are awaiting their first Ofsted report, it is worth noting Carmel College, has obtained an “Outstanding” report from Ofsted. Also, St Aidan’s Church of England Academy has been classed as “Good” by Ofsted.

It is not as though Ofsted ratings are the only criteria which matter when reviewing schools. Some of the other schools in Darlington are well regarded by parents, and it is important parents carry out due diligence when considering education options for their children. However, there is no denying Ofsted reports matter for many families when looking at property, and Darlington has some more satisfactory options.

If you plan on selling your Darlington home, you can take confidence from the willing buyers in the local area. Anyone looking to sell their home should contact us, and we will arrange a property valuation for you. We know the Darlington property market very well, including the factors which shape property demand and prices, like schools, and we work hard to bring buyers and vendors together. If you need guidance or advice, contact Anthony Jones Properties today, and we will be happy to assist you.