Make your garden a selling point for your home

Darlington garden - Make your garden a selling point for your home

Make your garden a selling point for your home

Darlington garden - Make your garden a selling point for your home
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This does not mean that you need to spend a fortune on professional landscaping. It simply means that you should ensure that you make the best out of what you have.

Selling your home is not always easy in the current housing market. You need to give yourself the best possible chance of selling your property, at a decent price. You may not realise it, but giving your garden a makeover could be a big help.

Keeping your garden fresh

Dead plants and rotting leaves are not attractive in any garden; neither is a mass of weeds. Different times of the year bring different challenges. Weeds can be a problem when the weather is mild, whereas dead foliage is an issue during the winter months. The challenge that you have is to make your garden look attractive, no matter what time of year you put your house on the market. Think about;

  • Fixing cracks in paved areas and driveways so that weeds do not appear.
  • Using garden mulch to stamp out weeds in other areas.
  • Planting flowers and shrubs that do not have huge growth so that you do not have to constantly tidy them up.
  • Using tubs on paved areas, including the front of your home, so that you can bring colour to any area.
  • Planting winter pansies, violas and forget-me-nots in the winter, so that everything does not look dull and dead.
  • Adopting a regular raking routine when the leaves start to fall so that prospective buyers are not met with a carpet of dead leaves when they come to look around.
  • Cutting the stems of shrubs that begin to wilt when the weather turns cooler, before they start to decay.

It takes some effort and time to keep your garden tidy and attractive. It can be tempting to neglect this work when you are looking to move. However, doing so could lose you a sale. You would be surprised at just how off-putting an unkempt and ugly garden can be.

Taking care of your lawn

A well-kept lawn is a beautiful thing. It can be a very attractive feature to home buyers, especially if they have children. This is why you should not give up on caring for your lawn simply because you are intending to move.

Mowing the lawn

Make sure that your lawn mower is in good working order, so that your lawn can be mowed effectively. From experience, self-propelled petrol lawn mowers make for the easiest mowing. If you do not already have one, it might be worth making the investment. After all, you can take it with you to your new home. During spring and autumn, you should mow the lawn at least once a week. When summer arrives mowing should be increased to twice a week, except during periods of drought when it should remain at once a week. During winter months a lawn should only be mowed if the weather is mild, and the grass continues to grow.

Watering the lawn

Lawns needs at least 1-1.5 inches of water each week in order to thrive. Thorough watering should be done 2-3 times each week and should continue throughout the year.

Including light in your garden

Outdoor lighting in a garden is a good selling point. It enables potential buyers to see the main areas of your garden no matter what time of day they view. This is especially important during winter when light fades earlier.

Outdoor lights are also an important safety feature, as well as adding decoration to your outside space. Potential buyers know that they will be able to make full use of the garden, for socialising or relaxing, without having to make any further major investment.

If you want to create an even more inviting outdoor area, you may want to invest in a gas patio heater, or even build a fire pit or barbecue area. Anyone who is interested in buying your property knows that they have all that potential additional dining space available to them, to use on long summer evenings.

Selling your home is not easy. You need to make sure that the property is an attractive proposition, if you want to get people interested. Your garden can be an excellent selling point if you turn it into an attractive and inviting space that requires minimal additional attention, and can be used by anyone who moves in, straight away.