Why Live In Darlington? Key Points Of The Area

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Why Live In Darlington? Key Points Of The Area

At Anthony Jones, we take great pride in supporting the Darlington community, and we believe the local housing market has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a place to move to, or you want to ensure your home is promoted in the most effective manner, it is best to call on a local agent who knows the community, and what an area has to offer.

Not only do we have a great love and passion for Darlington, we stay in touch with what the local area has to offer, and what others say about the area. The OneDome site reviews areas across the United Kingdom, ranking them in a wide range of important areas for the housing market. We are pleased to say Darlington scores very well in a number of key areas, and we would like to share this information with you.

Education in Darlington scored 9 out of 10

Education is vital for the housing market, and an abundance of great schools creates significant demand and can increase house prices. We are therefore pleased to say the local Darlington aera scored nine out of ten when it comes to education, and it is easy to see why so many people are drawn to the area because of the schools on offer.

The Rydal Academy, St John’s Church of England Academy, Abbey Infants School, Heathfield Primary School and St Augustine’s RC Primary School are examples of schools local to Darlington which are held in high regard. If you would like to learn more about the impact of local schools and availability on the housing market, please get in touch.

Darlington scored 9 out of 10 on safety

Safety and security is crucial when looking for a place to live. If you are looking for a place that makes you feel safe and confident, you’ll be pleased to know Darlington scores well on all the factors which matter when determining safety.

Transport in Darlington scored 7 out of 10

Transport is another critical factor to consider when looking for an area to live, and Darlington received a score of seven out of ten in the review. The presence of Darlington station is a huge factor in this positive score, making connectivity to other towns and cities a simple process.

Darlington is also quite compact, so local travel is a simple process, and there is scope for travelling on foot or through cycling.

Darlington also scored a perfect 10 for leisure activities!

We know entertainment and leisure is a subjective topic, and what one person adores another person may loathe. Therefore, we left this point to the end because not everyone will agree, but we are thrilled to see the local area score a perfect score on entertainment options.

Whether you are sporty, socialising or looking for something diverting, you’ll find Darlington has plenty to offer.

If you are looking for help with any matter of the Darlington property market, it is best to speak to property professionals. No one knows for sure what is going to happen next, so we won’t claim to have all the answers, but the Anthony Jones team is keen to help you as best we can. If you would like to contact us over housing matters, please call us today on 01325 776424.