Estate Agents in Darlington

Our Darlington office is ideally situated within the new complex in Union Square Darlington.

If you’re looking for an estate agent in Darlington then the majority will be found in Duke Street, in Darlington’s West End.

Traditionally, Duke Street has been the hub of estate agency in Darlington although the days of going into large High Street offices may be declining.

Estate Agents in Darlington Anthony Jones Properties

If you sell your house using a traditional high-street estate agent, their fee will usually be based on a percentage of the price paid by the buyer. This kind of estate agent’s fee is called commission.
The average high-street estate agent fee is 1.3% including VAT, according to conveyancing firm MyHomeMove.
However, this figure can vary from less than 1% to as much as 3.5%, depending on a number of factors including how many estate agents are selling your property.
Estate agent fees used to be quoted ‘plus VAT’ most of the time (meaning you had to add on another 20% of whatever you were quoted), but new rules from the Property Ombudsman which came into effect in October 2016 state that quotes should now always include VAT. If your quote doesn’t make it clear either way, always check.
While the estate agent’s fee can seem like an eye-watering sum, it’s not always advisable to choose the company offering to sell your home for the lowest fee just so you can save money.

Estate Agents in Darlington Anthony Jones Properties

The best estate agents often do charge slightly higher fees than their rivals. Compare the stats, looking at who is selling property like yours most quickly and for the highest amounts.
You’re likely to have a lot of contact with your estate agent over the coming weeks and months, so it’s also worth thinking about who you’d be happy to do business with, and make your decision based on these factors as well as the fee (but do bear in mind that the person who actually conducts viewings and sells your property will often be different from the one conducting the initial valuation).

Estate Agents in Darlington.

Here is a list of estate agents based in Darlington who may be able to help with the sale of your home.

Savills Darlington
26 Coniscliffe Road
01325 370500

Northgate Estate Agents
22 High Northgate
01325 285360

Hall Properties
39 Bondgate
01325 351212

Hinc Properties 2012 Ltd
15 Clarks Yard
01325 364045

Bairstow Eves
25 Skinnergate
01325 381800

JW Wood
6 Duke Street
01325 485151

Bellwood and Harris Limited
Coniscliffe Rd
01325 287286

Bellwood & Harris
4-6 Yarm Rd
01325 287286

25 Duke Street
01325 930037

7 Duke St
01325 484440

Westpark Estate Agents
47 Duke St
01325 484448

Sillars Properties
1 Blackwell Lane
01325 523756

Carver Commercial
18 St Cuthbert’s Way
01325 466945

Nick and Gordon Carver Estate Agents
22 West End
01325 357807

The Darlington Estate Agent
169 North Rd
01325 778775