How a great living room can sell your house this Christmas

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How a great living room can sell your house this Christmas

Christmas tree surrounded with gifts 168681054 5119x3413 1 1024x683 - How a great living room can sell your house this Christmas

If you need a quick sale this Christmas, a fabulous living room can really help sell your home.

At Christmas in particular, a living room is generally the hub of the home. Its where households come together to relax (and get out of the way in the kitchen!) as well as being a prime spot for entertaining guests.

So when it comes to selling your home this Christmas, it’s vital that your living room is up to scratch.

It is also one of the first rooms that any potential buyers see, so it really can make or break a sale.

Buyers can often make a decision in minutes about whether they’re interested in a property, so first impressions really do count.

Keep it neutral

Although it can be nice to have a lounge that reflects your personality, when it comes to selling your home, it’s always best to keep things neutral. Neutral colours such as cream, white, and light grey won’t put off any buyer, regardless of their taste. Christmas decorations should be tasteful and co-ordinating. Go for a colour theme and stick to it. There are plenty of ideas on the internet.

Decorating your lounge in this way will also allow potential buyers to imagine how they would put their own stamp on your lounge, without having to try and see past your interiors.

And it doesn’t stop at the paintwork. Your carpet or flooring should be as neutral as possible. If your carpet is worn and dated, or dark and heavily patterned, it’s well worth considering replacing it with a new, neutral carpet. It will be well worth the investment when your property sells.

De-clutter and de-personalise

Just like the colour scheme, it’s best to keep your accessories and personal items neutral – think sleek, clean, and minimal.

Start by removing items from your shelves and surfaces. You don’t have to remove everything, your living room needs to feel lived in, after all, but you do need to cut back. So, if you’ve got 10 items on a shelf, for example, strip it back to three so that people can visualise their own belongings there.

Family photos also need to go, so replace them with generic prints and artwork.

Remember, buyers need to imagine themselves in your house, not imagine YOU in your house.


Lighting can have a huge impact on the overall impact of your living room. Your Christmas lights should create a welcoming and intimate feeling especially if your viewings are in the evening. What’s important is that you don’t create a rival to the Blackpool illuminations or look like a Christmas decoration wholesaler!

Lamps and downlighters add a really warm, cosy touch to any space so make sure you’ve got a couple in your lounge. Or, if you want to add a touch of drama, go for uplighting.

Fix it up

With everyday wear and tear, it’s only natural that some of the fixtures and fittings in your lounge will get slightly damaged. When you’re preparing your lounge for sale, look around the room for any light switches, curtain poles, and other fixtures that need fixing.

If potential buyers notice broken fittings in your lounge, they might worry that they mask larger problems with the property.

Fine tune the furniture

Changing up the layout can totally transform your living room – taking it from cramped to spacious in a matter of minutes. Think about how your furniture is arranged, does it highlight the room’s best features? Do you have any excess furniture that’s simply taking up space?

On the subject of furniture, your sofa might need some attention. Occupying a large proportion of the space in your lounge, your sofa can really alter the look and feel of the room. If you’ve got lots of bulky sofas and chairs to accommodate your household, think about moving some of them out to open up more space. In addition to this, if your sofa is a little worse for wear, think about replacing the covers or adding some fresh new cushions.

Create the right ambience

So many people look round a property and fall in love with it, simply because ‘it feels right’.

This is all about the ambience – how does your living room feel? Does it feel calm and tranquil, the sort of space you’d like to sit back and relax after a long day?

Think about how your lounge sounds, smells and looks. Trying adding some lightly scented candles and soft background music to create a warm, welcoming, and appealing ambience.

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