How a kitchen can add value to your house

IMG 6081 - How a kitchen can add value to your house

How a kitchen can add value to your house

IMG 6081 1024x682 - How a kitchen can add value to your house

If you’re preparing to sell this autumn, a great kitchen can add thousands to the value of your house.

You may be enthusiastic about creating amazing meals in your kitchen. However, a kitchen can be much more than just a place to cook. It’s a room that often lies at the hub of the home, where family activities take place and you can entertain friends.

Thinking about how buyers are going to use their kitchen is important. You need to ensure that you have the space and amenities to allow them to make the most of their new kitchen. For instance, for enthusiastic foodies, you may want to ensure that your kitchen is equipped with a professional grade range. Whereas, a casual cook may need to consider design features that best suit other regular uses.

A welcoming eating area

Many kitchens are now a place where meals are eaten as well as made. Even if you do not have a large kitchen, you can create a nook which makes the most of corner space, keeping the centre of the room clear to allow ease of movement. This is especially important if you cook in the kitchen on a regular basis as you need to keep the kitchen triangle-free from clutter. The kitchen triangle is the area between the stove, sink and refrigerator which you use continuously as you cook.

The opportunity to work from home

If you are trying to present the option to work from home on a regular basis, you need a dedicated space that a buyer can use. There are kitchen design experts that can create bespoke spaces that include an area with the seating and countertop you’d need to use your laptop and work efficiently. Working in this part of your home is a good idea as the kitchen is often quiet during the day, and you can avoid the temptation of TV and home entertainment systems in other parts of your home.

A place for homework to be done

The quiet space of a kitchen is also a good place for children to do their homework. Being away from the noise in other parts of the house can help your children do their homework more effectively. You also get the benefit of being able to help your child with their homework while preparing meals.

If you want to enable children to do their homework in your kitchen, you may want to think about including an island in the design. This gives you the extra counter space that you need. You can use stools for seating, so that they can be stored away in the corner when they are not in use, enabling you to make the best use of the space at all times.

It’s important to remember that you need sufficient space to easily walk around the island; this should usually be between 42” and 46” on all sides. Given that an island needs to be at least 4’ x 2’ to be useful, it’s not a practical solution in a small kitchen.

Partying with friends and family

We have mentioned the use of a kitchen as a quiet space, working from home or if children want to do their homework. However, a kitchen does not always have to be quiet. If you are presenting a space for entertaining family or friends, it makes sense to use your kitchen as a place to lay out the food. You can also create a bar area on the countertops, encouraging people to mingle and socialise in the space.

If you do a lot of entertaining, you may want to invest in a sound system for your kitchen. Doing so means that you have plenty of tunes for your parties, and you can listen to favourites as you cook family meals if you choose.

It’s also worth considering designing a kitchen so that it opens into a garden room. This gives you extra space to use when you are hosting a party. It also means that you can enjoy the beauty of your garden on summer weekend get-togethers without fear of being caught out by the weather.

A kitchen is a multi-functional space in a home.  When redesigning the kitchen your home, you need to consider what the room will be used for most of the time. These activities should be at the centre of your design ideas so that you maximise the sale value of your home.

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