5 Top House Selling Tips – Seeing your property through the buyers eyes

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5 Top House Selling Tips – Seeing your property through the buyers eyes

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Why should I look at my property like a buyer?

I was having a review of a property that had been on for ages with another agent and the sellers were almost at the point of taking the house off the market. They’d read the books and decluttered the house, done all those little maintenance jobs, repainted the tired woodwork, put the coffee on and the bread in the oven.

But there were a number of external factors which they hadn’t considered. Things which weren’t inside the house but things which could influence buyers nonetheless.

Here is our tips to help you see the property through the eyes of the buyers.

Similar properties in the area

It’s really important to look at what is similar to your house in the area and how it compares. Believe me, buyers will be compiling a short-list and you must make sure yours is a stand out property.  How does your house compare to the neighbours? Does the front door need a fresh coat of paint or is there water staining on the walls? You’ve probably become used to how the house looks over time, but your buyers will be super critical. Make sure the house is immaculate.


Has the market changed since yours was first listed for sale? Has the price of similar houses changed and left your house out of kilter with everyone else? Have there been new houses that have come to market at a lower price to yours? It’s important to keep track of your property and how it compares. It’s is always a good idea to have a chat with your agent and see what they think about the price.

Make it easy for buyers

If you really need to sell the be prepared to move out quickly. Don’t give your buyer any reason to hesitate particularly if you’ve been trying to sell for a while. Perhaps you could move out and into rented accommodation or move in with friends or family. Good, motivated buyers can be tricky to come by especially if your house is unusual so don’t put barriers in the way just because you may not have found something. This strategy could also work well for your next move as you will be in a great position to move.

Local Area

A new lifestyle can be enormously important to buyers. One idea is to do a little research on the local area and make a list of schools, restaurants and sports facilities including gyms? This kind of information can be passed to your agent or if you feel particularly inclined the why not have it made into a brochure? This could be really useful if you are planning an open house event.

Having a think about the external factors can really help sell your house. At the very least it might help pre-empt or reduce negative feedback from buyers or your agent.

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