Improve The Security Of Your Garden

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Improve The Security Of Your Garden

Even without the lockdown period, having access to a garden is a priority for homebuyers. This has been borne out by studies in recent years, and if recent studies by leading property portals are to be believed, prospective buyers are prioritising finding a home with a garden for their next move.

As we move into summer, and with many people retaining concerns over social distancing, people’s gardens are set to be the most popular destination of the summer. However, research carried out by MoneySuperMarket indicates that more than half of the property owners who have an outside space don’t insure their outdoor items and possessions.

There are valuable items in gardens across the country

The study indicates there is an average of £1,457 worth of valuable items in gardens across the country. Yet, 59% of respondents to the survey stated these belongings are not listed on their home insurance policy. This could result in close to £33 billion worth of goods not being covered by insurance.

While many people’s standard building and contents insurance provide some cover for garden items, many homeowners might find they aren’t covered in the event of theft.

Kate Devine is the Head of Home Insurance at MoneySuperMarket, and she said; “As we look ahead to the potential lift of lockdown in the summer months, we can expect to see Brits heading out of the house to enjoy outdoor activities. Particularly in these months, there’s the temptation to leave items of value outside overnight or keep your shed unlocked. This can, however, leave you open to a risk of burglary and in turn, possibly void your home insurance cover if you need to make a claim. Most standard contents insurance policies include a small amount of cover for garden items, but specifics can vary – so it’s always worth checking to ensure that your valuable outdoor items are fully covered.”

According to the survey, the most common items found in British gardens are:

  • Furniture, which was cited by 57% of respondents
  • DIY tools, listed by 48% of respondents
  • BBQs, reported by 38% of respondents
  • Bikes, named by 36% of respondents

The most commonly stolen items are bikes, which was said by 32% of the respondents who have suffered a theft from their garden.

Garden security tips

If you are looking to improve the security at your garden, follow these tips:

  • Lock your items away when they are not in use – if you can prove forced entry after items have been stolen, your insurance claim is likely to be more successful
  • Improve security around the perimeter of your property – planting shrubs and strengthening fences can deter would-be thieves from entering your garden
  • Add external lights – if you make it harder for people to make it around your garden without being seen, you will reduce the likelihood of opportunistic thieves

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