Post-Lockdown HomeMover Survey

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Post-Lockdown HomeMover Survey

At Anthony Jones Properties, we aim to provide you with the highest standard of service, even during difficult times. With the housing market re-open, and many people looking towards post-lockdown, it was understandable that many people were keen to re-enter the market and move on with their life.

However, we also know many people would prefer to wait until there were greater clarity and confidence in the housing market. You can rest assured we are placings safety first, and whether you are looking to move soon, or are happy to wait, we are here to assist you as best we can.

If you are wondering why there was a significant spike in demand for the housing market when the industry re-opened, consider there were around 370,000 property deals paused when the market stopped. A considerable number of households had their life placed on hold, and many of these people would have been counting the days until the market re-opened.

What are your post-lockdown plans?

There would also be many people whose circumstances changed during the lockdown period. While there are many reasons to move home, a change in employment circumstances or a personal relationship is common factors in people moving home. Therefore, there would also be people who didn’t have a move lined up at the start of lockdown, but who were keen to move as soon as possible due to changes.

We are keen to remain up to date with how the market is performing, and what prospective buyers and vendors feel about the market. Therefore, a recent study about people’s intentions to move after lockdown is of interest.

Do vendors still want to sell?

More than half of the vendors who were looking to sell their home intend to continue, and as quickly as possible. 52% of this market said they hope to sell as soon as possible, and a further 27% of respondents said they plan to sell over this year.

16% of respondents said they hope to sell their home in 2021 and 5% of prospective vendors said they had changed their mind and they no longer want to sell their house. There are many reasons why a person may decide against selling their home right now, and people should review their circumstances and make an informed decision.

What are buyers looking for post-lockdown?

You should expect to see a lot of surveys and studies into whether buyer tastes and needs change post-lockdown. Initially, it looks as though there will only be subtle changes. Having access to a garden is the most crucial priority for buyers, but having access to a garden has always been vital for buyers.

It seems as though issues related to remote working are the most significant changes for prospective buyers right now. Finding a home with a suitable home office space and dependable broadband connectivity have risen in importance, and this will likely be a feature in the market for some time.

If you are looking for help with any matter of the Darlington property market, it is best to speak to property professionals. No one knows for sure what is going to happen next, so we won’t claim to have all the answers, but the Anthony Jones team is keen to help you as best we can. If you would like to contact us over housing matters, please call us today on 01325 776424.