10 cheap ways to improve value of your house


10 cheap ways to improve value of your house


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I was chatting to one of our sellers over coffee last week and whether it was better to decorate and make your house really clean and tidy or just knock this off the value of your house within the value. When trying to get the best possible price for your house, there are some easy and comparatively cheap ways to improve the value which do cost a fortune. Buyers are increasingly looking for that ‘Instagram lifestyle’ and a property that’s easy to move into. Here are some of the easy solutions that can make a real difference and won’t cost the earth.

1. Clutter

Probably our number one tip – declutter! It’s one of the easiest things to do and won’t cost a fortune especially if you can store some of your unwanted items in the shed or garage. One of our vendors put their clutter in plastic boxes and put them in the car when buyers were coming over. Hiring a skip and having a good clear out is also a great idea because it can cut down the amount you’ll spend on removals. Do one room at a time, and you will be so surprised what you find. Don’t be afraid to chuck things away.

2. New Furniture

Finally, we are frequently told by sellers that they are waiting for their house to sell before buying new furniture. Don’t! It is normally better to buy new furniture now and improve the look of your current property rather than waiting until you move.

3. Doors

The first A really easy fix especially if your door is just a bit creaky. It’s important when showing to prospective buyers that your home that it doesn’t sound like a haunted house! This might not seem like the most important thing to do, but creaky doors can take the edge off a feature room. Just spray a little bit of WD40 on the hinges and this should fix this problem. Other than that, painting your front door can really set the scene and create a really positive impression.

4. Decoration

Have a detailed look around your home. Is the wallpaper peeling near radiators or boilers? Is the paintwork starting to look a bit yellow in the kitchen? Peeling wallpaper can make your house look untidy but it can be easily fixed. Just get a knife and smear a bit of wallpaper paste onto a piece of paper. Then rub the paper against the underside of the peeling section, press the wallpaper against the wall and slide the paper out and smooth away any bubbles with a cloth.

5. Bathrooms

A stained bath, WC or tiles looks really unsightly and can be quite off putting. A stain can easily be removed by using a strong domestic bath cleaner or if you’re feeling adventurous, combining equal amounts of cream or tartar, lemon juice and baking soda. Mix the ingredients into and paste and rub onto the stain with your fingers or use a soft cloth. Let the mixture sit for around half an hour then rinse with water.

6. Gardens

If you’re anything like me, maintaining a garden can be a real chore but it’s well worth buying lawn seed and giving the grass a trim. Fresh flowers or plants in pots on the patio are easy to change – especially good if you’re not particularly green-fingered. A wonderful garden only adds a few percent to the value of your property but if it enhances the kerb appeal of your house, it’s well worth the effort. Don’t be afraid to paint the outside of your house if it’s starting to look a bit tired.

7. Driveways, Patios and Paths

This can really transform your house. Either investing in a jet wash (after all, it’s great for washing the car or your new house) or paying for your driveways, patios and paths to be professionally cleaned is a really cost effective way to improve the look and feel of your property.

8. Flooring

Having carpets cleaned especially in areas where there is heavy traffic or if you have pets can make an enormous difference. A drop of varnish on some of those tired wood floors can also make a big difference. If your carpet is just looking a bit scruffy you can use carpet cleaning solution or a stain removal product.