How to make most of your garden when selling your house

How a well maintained garden can improve the prospect of selling your Darlington House - How to make most of your garden when selling your house

How to make most of your garden when selling your house

How a well maintained garden can improve the prospect of selling your Darlington House - How to make most of your garden when selling your house

With Spring in the air, it’s a great time to be thinking about the garden. Many house buyers consider a nice garden to be important and in some cases, it can be a deal breaker. Research from Zoopla shows that a feature garden can actually add 2% to the value of your property!

A large garden can be quite hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you have.

With a few simple tricks here and there you can easily make your garden look bigger than it is and create the outdoor area your buyers have always wanted:


Make your garden feel like an additional living space. Just like the inside of your house, Just like the interior of your house, the outside will look unappealing and small if it’s full of clutter. Actually, it is amazing how much extra space just cleaning your garden out can make. Tidy away BBQs, garden tools, lawn mowers and compost bins and see what a difference it will make.

You can also trim back any large shrubs or bushes to make sure your garden always looks as spacious as possible. You can remove any plants that don’t work and take up too much space, as more proportional plants will really benefit your overall landscape.


Using cooler colours such as blues and violets can help make flowers and plants seem further away than they actually are. By using a variety of colours and different foliage you can create a nice landscape of flowers in a relatively small space.

Use several shades of one colour at the front of a landscape and use paler colours at the back to create a fading look across your flowerbeds. Warmer colours such as reds and oranges also work well at the front of a flowerbed, as the human brain is drawn to them, so they help to create the illusion of distance.


It isn’t always about fitting in as many flowers as possible, sometimes it is about thinking vertically. Use trellises at the back of flowerbeds to add a nice level of height to your garden.

By creating a vertical landscape you draw the eye upwards which can help give the illusion of a bigger area. Creeping vines are great to use across a wall, and tall, fine flowers look beautiful planted at the back of flowerbeds.


When it comes to plants and foliage, it isn’t just the colour that matters. The texture is very useful when it comes to making your garden look bigger. Plants with smaller leaves will sway in the breeze and make them look further away, whereas those with larger leaves will appear closer to you.

It is all about creating a layered contrast, so use finely textured plants in your focal area and then use a few more coarsely textured plants layered behind that to create a distant feel.


A great way to make your garden appear bigger is to use a pathway that decreases in width as it winds through your garden. This trick of the mind helps to extend the line of the garden making it look further away.

Don’t create a simple straight path though; make it meander gently through the length of your garden. You could even use pebbles of different sizes to make the bigger ones seem much closer to you and the small ones much further away.


It is important to keep your furniture in proportion when it comes to creating a larger space in your garden. Any furniture that appears to dominate the garden will just make it look small. Use furniture that does not appear to be obtrusive and can be put away when you have finished using it.

Using built-in furniture can work well with a smaller space too, as it can often work in harmony with your garden. Using a bench at the end of your garden will make the end seem further away, while also providing an effective seating area.

So with Summer on the way and your buyers thinking of those warm evenings in the garden with a cheeky glass of Sauvignon Blanc, isn’t it time to give some thought to this often neglected space.

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