A great smelling house is more than common scents.


A great smelling house is more than common scents.

lecithin used to create baked goods - A great smelling house is more than common scents.

Can the scent of your house really help get a quick sale?

When I talk to our customers about the importance of engaging the buyers’ senses when selling a house, invariably the subject of newly baked bread or freshly ground coffee will come up.

But there’s more to this than meets the eye (or the nose).

In a recent survey by air freshener manufacturers, Air Wick found that freshly baked bread was the top scent with just over a third of people surveyed, putting it at the top of the list of smells most likely to encourage them to buy a property.

Not surprisingly, fresh flowers and clean sheets also ranked highly with buyers.

The research has uncovered what smells have emotional ties to our lives in Britain. People enjoy classic fragrances and scents that they know and love. Interestingly eight in ten people admit that a scent can make them happier. The research went on to say that the smell of an open fire reminds them most of autumn or winter, while freshly cut grass in the garden is most reflective of spring or summer.

Scents like lavender and other more traditional fragrances have long been household favourites. More recently scents with a modern oriental twist have proved popular in the home.

Smells to avoid

Smells which are most likely to put buyers off your house are rubbish bins (24%), rubbish bags (11%) and also wet dogs (11%).

Pet smells are a common problem for us in Estate Agency. It’ a smell that you, as the pet owner, get used to but it can be a complete turn-off for buyers. When you have a buyer looking around your house, it’s important that all they are thinking of is buying the property – not how quickly they can get out! Put pets in the garden and have a quick whizz round with the Shake and Vac.

Here are the top 10 scents to sell your home.

  1. Freshly Baked Bread 33%
  2. Fresh Flowers 30%
  3. Clean Sheets 23%
  4. Cake in the oven 20%
  5. Fresh Coffee 17%
  6. Vanilla 17%
  7. Lemon 11%
  8. Lavender 10%
  9. Chocolate 4%
  10. Roast Dinner 3%

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