How People Have Reacted To Working From Home

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How People Have Reacted To Working From Home

While there might be changes to lockdown restrictions in the next few weeks, there is a strong chance many people will continue working from home. While this is far from an ideal time, a lot of people have enjoyed avoiding the daily commute, and have been as productive at home as they are in the office.

One of the leading benefits of working from home is how simple the process is supposed to be. Many people have been enticed by the thought of only needing a PC (or even a tablet or smartphone) and a reliable internet connection.

If you have these elements, you can do a lot of work. For some roles, you have everything you need, but a lot of people have found that to work remotely effectively, you need more equipment. Whether your focus is on comfort or productivity, arming your home work station with the proper equipment can make a difference to how much you enjoy working remotely.

People are searching for equipment which facilitates remote working

It is no surprise that the lockdown has significantly impacted e-commerce. With people unable to visit a considerable number of stores, online shopping has inevitably increased. Also, the products being bought have changed too.

E-commerce patterns for March 2020 illustrate what people are looking for to facilitate home working. Searches for computer monitors increased by 172%, and there was a rise of 104% for office chairs. There was also an increase of 89% for office desks. Perhaps after a day or two of using a laptop on the couch or their bed, people realised that remote working needs a more stable environment.

It is also not surprising to learn there has been a considerable increase in the use of technological products and apps. Zoom announced that in December of 2019, they hosted 10 million meetings a day. However, for March 2020, there were a total of 200 million meets taking place on Zoom every day! This is a massive increase, and it indicates the way communication and working practices has changed so quickly.

Will working from home changes affect property buyers?

You might also find there will be a change in where people work, and even in what homebuyers are looking for. In the information provided by Google for April 2020, it appears as though there was a 190% increase in searches for garden office pods. Anyone who has space in their garden can utilise this room effectively by setting up a secure and stylish workspace.

A garden office pod can free up room at home, and also provide a workspace where you won’t be interrupted. As working from home becomes commonplace, these features are likely to be part of the housing market lexicon.

In 2019, just 5% of the working population in the United Kingdom worked from home. Less than 30% of the workforce had worked from home at any time. The figures for 2020 are likely to be significantly different, and this impacts the way we shop and how we live our lives.

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