Remote Working Tips For Your Home

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Remote Working Tips For Your Home

If you have been working from home recently, you might still be getting used to the daily challenges. Some people have long dreamed of working remotely while many others are just doing what they can to endure the current situation. If you are looking for advice on how to make the most of these circumstances, we have some remote working tips for your home.

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Create a space that is just for remote working

It will be helpful to create a space that is solely for work. When you are in this area, you are working, and when you are elsewhere in the house, you can forget about work. It is important to develop a work-life balance in this current situation, and having a designated workspace helps.

If you have pets or children, it may be difficult to enforce this situation, but attempting to create a remote working area will boost your productivity.

You need to schedule breaks

While you might think you don’t get the chance to work for extended periods of time at home, it is vital you schedule proper breaks. Whatever workstation you have, you need to make sure you step away from it. If you are at a computer, you need to rest your eyes, and moving around a bit is helpful too.

Ellie Wilson is the co-founder of virtual assistant service, Virtalent, and she spoke to the BBC, saying; “It’s important to stand up, stretch, move around and even go for a short walk to take a break from your work and your screen. Being cooped up without stopping for a break can mean your productivity levels drop, you become more tired and less motivated to complete what you’re working on.”

Try to stay in touch with others

If you haven’t utilised video conferencing technology or live video links before, you might be surprised at how effective they are. Therefore, you have an opportunity to stay in touch with colleagues, and it doesn’t have to be solely work-related topics you focus on.

Hugo Mortimer-Harvey works remotely and he spoke to the BBC, saying; “More and more people hide behind email rather than pick up the phone and talk to colleagues and contacts. When you spend the day working on your own, actually calling people and having a conversation can be much more stimulating and indeed productive than a chain of emails.”

Arranging a time where you can talk online with a colleague or colleagues in a light-hearted manner is good for morale. Scheduling a coffee or water break with others will help retain some form of normality, and it reminds you that other people are in the same position. Others are remote working too, so stay in touch.

If you have people at your home with you, allocate time to have a break with them. Doing so will help you to step away from work, but it will also help you to remain productive at other times. Knowing you have a scheduled break lined up gives you something to look forward to.

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