Safe Shopping Tips To Follow

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Safe Shopping Tips To Follow

While it is recommended people stay at home as much as they can, there are many reasons why people have to leave the house. While online shopping has been a great boon, and help, for many people in recent years; there isn’t the capability to ensure supply meets demand in the current environment. Therefore, a lot of people are left with no option but to leave their home to buy necessities such as food and medicine.

You must follow guidelines when you leave the house, and we have some safe shopping tips to follow.

Safe shopping: Try to find out busy and quiet times for your local stores

With many supermarkets operating limited hours, likely, there will always be other people shopping, no matter what time of day you would like to shop. However, by reviewing social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, you can hopefully develop an understanding of when shops are busy, and when they are quieter.

If you can, try to shop at times when there are fewer people around. Minimising the number of people you are likely to come into contact with makes sense. Also, when you are around other people, try to follow social distancing guidelines.

If you meet people you know, acknowledge them, but it is best not to stop and chat for too long. Remain a safe distance, and avoid shaking hands or hugging.

You should take steps to cover your mouth and nose

While there is a difference of opinion about the utility of masks, there is a lot to be said for covering your mouth and nose when you are out. The latest guidance suggests people shouldn’t buy a mask, but there is nothing wrong with covering your face with a scarf, a bandana or even a cloth.

However, you cannot think that covering your mouth and nose is enough of a precaution that you can be lax elsewhere. Protecting your mouth and nose is just one step of guidance, and you must follow all other measures to minimise your risk of catching COVID-19.

If you can, bring sanitiser wipes for the trolley or basket. Some people are wearing gloves, but if you do, you need to make sure that you dispose of them. Once you start potentially contaminated items, the gloves pose a threat to you, so make sure you don’t touch your face when shopping.

When you return, take time to wash your hands with soap and water. Many people are also cleaning the containers they brought home. If you have nonporous containers, such as jars, bottles or cans, it is worthwhile disinfecting them. Also, clean or wipe any bags or surfaces these items have touched.

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