Why Selling Your Home is like Online Dating

Selling your property is like dating online.

Why Selling Your Home is like Online Dating

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Selling your house and finding your perfect match has more in common that you think. There are plenty of hot prospects out there but it’s not easy finding your ‘one’. Sound familiar?

If your property has been allowed to stay on the market too long or the sale has fallen through, it’s easy to think that you’ll never find your happy ever after.

Fortunately, there are more than a few life lessons sellers can learn from dating sites. This means that you’ll be more likely to attract the right buyers who will appreciate your property and treat you nicely.

So, if you’re looking for buyers that are ready to ‘swipe right’, here’s our handy guide to selling on St Valentines Day.

Hide your crazy

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a dinner date or an offer on your property, you’d be unlikely to reveal the er, more ‘unique’ aspects of your personality straight away. Nothing is more likely to have buyers running for the hills than your insect collection or complete collection of Star Wars figurines.

De-personalise. Get rid of any strange or quirky fascinations. People want to imagine the lifestyle and actually living in the house so don’t take anything away by having your personal life on show. I remember valuing a property in Soho in London where the property came equipped with its own bondage dungeon behind a studded door.

Get a great profile page

Make sure your agent writes a great profile and has some amazing pictures produced. Whether you’re selling a car, a house or looking for a date on a Friday, you want to generate interest online. According to Rightmove about 94% of property searches begin online so don’t you need a great online profile? Make sure your agent highlights the best features of your house – what was it that made you buy the property in the first place? Don’t overdo the bad bits either. It will be evident from the floorplans that the garage holds only one car or the bathroom is small.

Do looks really matter?

I wish it was all about personality but when selling a house, you need to make the effort with appearance. In the same way that a new wardrobe of clothes, shedding a few pounds or some cheeky botox can work wonders for your appearance, the same is true for your house. A coat of paint, some new carpet or even jetwashing the drive can help make the home sell quicker. You may have fallen out of love with your house, but someone else needs to fall IN love with it to sell it.

Think emotionally. Much of our decision-making is based on emotions rather than logic. In fact, buying decisions are made on an emotional level and then immediately justified on a rational level… A house that’s cleaned up and smells good is going to create a positive emotional response in a buyer. It’s going to sell faster for more money.

We always use a professional staging company to style the property prior to photography. They’ll come in and swap out the furniture and upgrade the decor to show the property in its best possible light.

A lot of times, buyers don’t have the imagination to see what the home could be and so that’s why it makes sense to help them along.

Get great photographs

Those of us that have tried online dating will have that moment when they meet the person that they’ve been messaging and find that the photographs have been a little, shall we say, flattering. That amazing singleton is suddenly 3 stones heavier with teeth like a witch doctors necklace.

It’s the same with homes. Getting amazing photographs to showcase your home is really key to success. Whilst these photos are not the thing that ultimately sells the home, it will help give you the buyer of your dreams.  More buyers will mean more viewings and more offers.

Keep a reign on expectations

It doesn’t matter how good your house is, it’s important to be realistic. This is no different if you’re online dating.

If you’re in your 50’s, it’s unlikely that you’ll date someone in their 20’s. So if every house in your street has sold for £250,000, don’t expect to get £350,000 and time soon.

Additionally, not every buyer that views the house will be The One… and buyers won’t expect your house to be perfect either. They will have seen lots of houses and probably have a list of home improvements. All you need to do is show the potential.

Don’t be deceived by first appearances

There might be a line of buyers that say all the right things on that first viewing (or date). You know the type – they tell you all the things you want to hear and give the impression they are really interested. In reality, they are not ready for that kind of commitment.

They may not want the commitment of home ownership or the commitment of the refurbishment that might be needed in your house. However, in order not to appear rude and will tell you what you want to hear.

It’s important not to get disappointed. Remember there’s someone for everyone and there will be someone that will love your house enough to buy it.

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