Why Spring is the best time to buy your next home

Why Spring is the best time to buy your next home

Why Spring is the best time to sell in Darlington 1 - Why Spring is the best time to buy your next home

Some think Summer is the best time to move, others favour Autumn to be in before Christmas. Everyone avoids Winter. Here at Anthony Jones, we like all seasons, but Spring has distinct ‘new beginnings’ feel.

The statistics agree, and suggest that the period between March and June is the best time to buy your next home. Now that the clocks are about to change and we’re at the start of the busiest time for buyers and sellers, we thought we’d list a few top reasons why now the perfect time to get moving:

New beginnings

Spring is the season of change. It’s about clearing out the old, and embracing a fresh start. The longer days bring a sense of optimism, and we’ve all got a little more energy after the long Winter slog. It’s the perfect time to shake up your routine, reassess your goals and priorities, and get your family plans moving forwards.

A blossoming market

After a Winter of quiet contemplation, potential buyers start to pop up everywhere. So as more people start looking for new homes, the chance of finding the right new family for your home increases. It also makes it more competitive, and the potential for two or more offers is more likely. Homes listed between March and April sell 15% faster than homes listed at any other time of the year because in theory, the busier the market, the faster you’ll find a buyer, and the sooner you’ll be in your new home.

Time for the ultimate spring clean

The dreaded Spring clean doesn’t feel like such a chore when you’re packing to move to a new home. The boxing process helps to offload years of hoarding, and if you’ve got to do it, you might as well do it big. Yes, it’s a necessary Spring thing, but afterwards, it feels cleansing too. And if you’re still struggling to be convinced by this one, think of it as halving the cleaning. Because if you move in Spring, you clear out the old and gain a new home in one sassy move. That avoids deep cleaning your old home now, to pack everything up at a later date to move.

Picture perfect

Homes glow in natural sunlight. And in Springtime, there’s a radiant clean hue. Well, most of the time. This enhances colours and materials, gardens are in bloom, and homes look their best. Good lighting is key to beautiful photography too. Spring shots are fresh and inviting, and your property portfolio will thank you for the seasonal filter. And from a buyers perspective, house hunting is always more appealing in mild weather, and Spring offers the perfect balance of dry days, without over-bearing Summer heat.

Busy bees

Summer holidays are, well, Summer holidays. You’re either entertaining your giddy brood (or grandchildren!), planning a trip abroad, or keeping on top of the housework. Or, at times, a combination of all three! Then comes a heatwave, and all you want to do is spend five peaceful minutes in the garden, or retreat to the shade with an icy Pimms in hand. Packing boxes, or dressing your home for viewings, is not particularly appealing. But if you move in Spring, you can look forward to a restful Summer, and enjoy the gardens of your new home.

Moving day

Good weather is never a guarantee. But timing your move in Spring increases the odds of a dry D day. Shifting damp boxes is not fun, and dashes to and from the delivery van are far more enjoyable with a mild breeze, and gentle sunshine. And once the last box has found its place inside, you can step outside, and enjoy the sunset from your patio for the first time. Because popping a bottle of Prosecco, and toasting your new home, is even more satisfying surrounded by the gentle Spring dusk.

Summer bliss

If you plan to move this Spring, you get to look forward to a long lazy Summer in your new home. You’ll have the chance to settle in just before the heat really kicks in, and you’ll be ready to entertain in the Summer. Picture welcoming friends and family into your new home, and enjoying a smokey BBQ complete with free-flowing champagne.

That’s an incentive, and it’s not something you can look forward to if you plan to move at any other time of the year.

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