Brexit, Election & Christmas: Is Now The Time To Go To Market?

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Brexit, Election & Christmas: Is Now The Time To Go To Market?

Achieving success in the property market depends on a lot of things, but timing is essential. Even if your home is in excellent condition, and you have priced it well; if there are no buyers at this point in time, you will struggle to sell your home. Alternatively, there have been times when people whose home was poor yet overpriced have achieved tremendous success just because of circumstance and timing.

There will always be external factors which influence the property market, but right now, there are a few issues which buyers and vendors need to be aware of. The following points all have the ability to shape buyer and vendor behaviour:

  • Brexit
  • The General Election
  • Christmas

Brexit has been looming over us for some time, and we are no close to a climax. This is challenging for people looking to make a move in the property market because uncertainty isn’t suitable for the market. If or when Brexit occurs, and in whatever shape it takes, it will likely affect many people. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable for people to hold off until they have a clearer idea of what is taking place.

There is great market uncertainty over Brexit

The problem is, Brexit has been rumbling on for some time. There is also the fact that it is unlikely to be resolved one or another any time soon, and people can only put their life on hold for so long. We have seen numerous examples of people going to market recently, and the general consensus is they couldn’t wait any longer.

In an ideal world, Brexit would be clarified, and people would know what was coming. However, the uncertainty has held the country for too long, and there are signs of movement.

Of course, the addition of the General Election doesn’t help matters. The election adds another layer of uncertainty and confusion to the country, and again, you can see why some people will hold off from making a significant decision.

Christmas is looming and some people want to stay settled

When you also take into account Christmas is looming, and traditionally, you would expect the market to be slow. However, there is movement, and there are people looking to move now before the significant political changes.

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We don’t need to be reminded there is a sizeable split in the country regarding Brexit, but this means there are different opinions on what will happen after Brexit and the General Election. Some people believe they will be worse off, and some people expect to become better off. This means there will be people who think it is in their best interests to move now.

While we are unsure of what changes will take place, we do know changes are coming. This situation means some people won’t move, and others will. When you add in the convenience of online property portals, you have buyers looking for homes, which means vendors can sell their home at this time of year.

If you are keen to sell your home soon, we can help. We can provide you with a property valuation and a wide range of services aimed at marketing and selling your home. To be in pole position in the Darlington and County Durham property market, whatever happens, contact Anthony Jones Properties.