Kitchen Improvements To Sell Your Home

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Kitchen Improvements To Sell Your Home

If you plan on selling your home, you must make the best possible impression on potential buyers. All rooms are essential, but the kitchen is critical, being a leading hub in the family home. This is why kitchen improvements make a massive difference when selling your home. There is no longer an expectation for homeowners to overhaul their kitchen before placing it on to the property market. Still, it is vital to make the kitchen as appealing as possible.

However, a recent study by a kitchen retailer, Kutchenhaus, found 68% of respondents hated their home. 26% of property owners believed their home was dated, and 15% of property owners disliked the style of their home. Now, if a homeowner doesn’t like their home, they probably don’t hold out much hope of connecting with likely buyers.

A great kitchen sells homes

Therefore, there is a lot to be said for making kitchen improvements to sell your home; and we have some ideas for you. At Anthony Jones Properties, we are pleased to announce we have helped many Darlington vendors connect with buyers, and sell their home. A lot of the work we do is ensuring buyers are impressed with the property, and the standard of the kitchen has a significant role to play in whether buyers fall in love with a home or not.

Some of our top tips to focus on when renovating your kitchen include:

  • Create a budget and then stick to it
  • Determine what sort of return you hope to receive due to the improvements
  • Focus on maximising space and storage
  • If you plan on decorating, choose neutral colours
  • Visit kitchen showrooms for inspiration
  • Opt for modern and well-known appliances
  • Try to add a contemporary touch to your kitchen

We believe following these tips and guidance will help you connect with buyers. There is no point offering advice such as add this style of appliance or make sure you have tiles of a specific colour in your kitchen. Each home is unique, each buyer has their own needs, and you have your budget.

We can help you present your home to buyers

The tips above will help you think about what changes you need to make at home. However, for the best results, arrange an appointment with us, and we will provide you with a tailored service in reaching out to buyers.

Sean Ford is the National Head of Sales and Operations for Kutchenhaus, and he said; “When purchasing their dream kitchen, people often get carried away and make costly mistakes that make the job much more expensive than it needs to be. Our tips hopefully provide expert guidance on how to achieve your dream kitchen while leaving a bit of extra money in your pocket!”

If you are looking to sell your Darlington home, we can provide you with all the support you need. We can advise you on how to present your property best, and if you need to arrange a property valuation, we are here for you. No matter what assistance you need to sell your home in 2020, we are here to help, so please get in touch with Anthony Jones Properties.