How to use light to sell your home


How to use light to sell your home

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The Importance of Lighting to sell your home

It’s one of the things that we get asked about all the time – how to create that great first impression.

Lighting can make a huge difference to that initial impression and it need not cost a fortune to make the changes you need. It can be a really cost-effective way to maximise the appeal of your house.

Lightbulbs are not always the problem

First things first, poor lighting doesn’t always mean you need to install new bulbs or even different light fittings. Have a look at your furniture. Perhaps the paint or the flooring is just too monotone and doesn’t give a real sense of depth. If the darkest parts of your home can be affected by some basic interior design then make this your first priority. Perhaps lighter bedding or curtains or repainting the walls in a lighter colour or shade.

We have also found that using mirrors can brighten a room. Try placing the mirror opposite the window. Alternatively, paint door and window frames in high gloss paint as these will all help reflect the light.

When it is about lightbulbs

If you’ve identified lighting as the cause, begin by making sure all your lighting is supplying the recommended wattage for each room. As a general rule, you can calculate the recommended wattage by multiplying the square feet of a room by 1.5. For example, a 15ft x 16ft room has a square footage of 240 feet, and will, therefore require a total wattage of 360 watts (240 sq. ft X 1.5).

Whilst Energy saving bulbs are cheaper and easier on the eyes for most people, they may not give you enough light to showcase a particular room. Have a look for ambient lamps which might fill a gap. Remember corners of the room as this will accentuate the space. You may want to think about LED lights as they are as efficient as energy savers but give you that ‘instant’ light. Energy savers can take a while to reach full brightness. For more info on LED lights, here’s an article on LED lights from Which Magazine – you can access it by clicking here

Outdoor light is important too

You can create real anticipation before your buyer has even stepped through the door – especially whilst the evenings are dark. There are plenty of external lights for all budgets which run on battery or even solar power. Perhaps start by lighting the pathway to the front door and garage and create a friendly trail which leads buyers to your door. This is also a good way to attract interest from buyers who may be out looking at houses during the evening.

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